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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 3, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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director of content. [closing bell rings] there is the closing bell. this is the second straight day we've seen record closes for the dow, nasdaq and s&p. and heck the russell and transports too. thanks for joining the "claman "countdown"". melissa: dow not tired of winning. i didn't want to mess that up. second straight day, s&p 500, nasdaq keep climbing to new records as well. i'm melissa francis. david: trifecta. actually four times if you include the russell 2000. i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." glad you could be here. more on record markets. first is what else we have for you, very busy hour. strap your seatbelts in. president trump in puerto rico touring areas hit hard by hurricane maria, meeting with survivors and officials. we're expecting new video this afternoon. we'll bring that to you as soon as it comes in here.
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motives and background of the shooter behind the massacre in las vegas, why did the suspect send tens of thousands of dollars overseas? how did he amass such a fortune despite being a habitual high-stakes gambler? las vegas police will give us an update. hopefully some details will be answered in just a moment. the former ceo of equifax on the hot seat, grilled on capitol hill by both sides of the aisle how the company allowed hackers to gain access of personal information of over 100 million americans. wait until you hear what he had to say. melissa: as we await that police news conference, let's go to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange for more what is moving markets to new record highs today. nicole, what are traders saying? >> melissa, as you tossing to me, the last few red ones were still turning green. pretty unbelievable. what are they saying? they are saying fundamentals remain the same. still seeing economic growth. we have records across the
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board, nasdaq, s&p, and russell. we're showing them here as all-time record highs. ultimate talk is tax reform. fundamentals, trend to the upside. and rest of the story we've seen since the financial crisis, 2008, 2009. every time someone sold on dips because they got nervous, in the end it didn't work out very well for them. ultimately they think path of least resistance to the upside. names like walmart, verizon, american express lead dow jones industrial average, for nasdaq which set a new high. activision, micron with, a great year. we'll watch for any news across the board. friday we get a jobs report. financials really have been doing great. though some had records highs today. melissa: nicole, thank you. david: massive relief effort going on in puerto rico. president trump meeting with storm victims getting a first-hand look at the damage of hurricane maria, ahead of his
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trip to las vegas tomorrow. blake burman at the white house. hi, there, blake. reporter: long day for president in puerto rico. entering the fifth and final hour in san juan. much as he made trips to texas and florida, going into neighborhoods. meeting victims of hurricane maria. he also received a briefing earlier this day, started that day in san juan. the president and his administration have been criticized in part for a slow response to hurricane maria. perhaps the biggest critic of the president, mayor of san juan, carmen yulin cruz, briefly shook hands. the president joked that the monster storm left a hole in the u.s. budget. senate minority leader chuck schumer responded by saying he felt that set a bad tone. >> i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you have thrown our budget a little out of whack
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because we've spent a lot of money on puerto rico and that's fine. we saved a lot of lives. >> mr. president, enough. stop blaming puerto rico for the storm that devastated their shores. reporter: by and large the president received a good response on the ground there from people of puerto rico when there, during that briefing throughout really during the day. he has praised the response from those on the ground, in part at one point, by noting how the death toll was a fraction of those who lost their lives in hurricane katrina. >> what is your death count as of this moment, 17? >> 16. >> 16 people certified. 16 people, versus in the thousands. you can be very proud of all of your people, all of our people working together. reporter: not just puerto rico on forefront of the mind of president, david. he is meeting this afternoon with the governor of the u.s.
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virgin islands. that area was battered by the storms earlier this summer as well, david. david: just for the record, as what senator schumer said, i never heard the president blame the people of puerto rico for the storm. we should clear the record on that one but he does have a lot -- there are republicans and democrats in puerto rico just like any other place in the united states. so, he is getting some support on his trip, is he not? reporter: as i mentioned. he was joking when he said that. there is possible line between the storm and then the budgetary situations going on in puerto rico as well, but also, yes, as i mentioned, david, it has been a warm reception on this day for the president, he has gone into neighborhoods there. folks there have greeted the commander-in-chief with open arms. david: they're glad to see all the relief. blake, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: here now, senator rob portman, republican senator from ohio, government affairs homeland security committee member, thanks for joining us. start with puerto rico.
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what matters about that story is the idea that 95% of the island still does not have electricity. only 45% of the island has running water right now. bringing the president down, no matter what he is saying while he is there, brings attention to the area and how dire the circumstance is for those americans. do you agree with that or no? >> absolutely. i'm glad he went. he was advised by some not to go because he could make it more difficult for first-responders and maintenance crews. it is important the president go, important to bring focus and attention to it. hopefully more contributions and donations to help the people of puerto rico, virgin islands. unbelievable devastation down there. we have to also thank our military which, first-responders have been great. melissa: yeah. >> volunteers are great. our military has been extraordinary. we had a homeland security meeting on this very topic last week. elaine duke, acting dhs
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secretary, she of course heads up fema in that role. we really pressed her on the military. puerto rico is not just like another state in florida or texas where there was more infrastructure was still there. infrastructure was wiped it. melissa: yeah. >> there is opportunity for our military to be incredibly helpful. they are being. melissa: they're essential. they're essential. these are citizens after all. meantime, there are some that are accusing others of politicizing the tragedy. democratic leaders jumping straight into the gun control debate in aftermath of las vegas tragedy. senator mitch mcconnell calling it inappropriate just moments ago. >> i think it is particularly inappropriate to politicize on event like this. it just happened within the last day 1/2. entirely premature to discussing about legislative solutions if any. melissa: do you agree with that, senator portman? at same time people are looking at the weapons that this man
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amassed and wondering how can someone get their hands on stuff that, you know is military grade? >> yeah. horrific. and, the evil is just unspeakable. from what i understand, and again, we don't know all the facts yet, so we have to be careful not to jump to conclusions. politicizing something like this but jumping conclusion what is the solution is tough when you don't have facts. if he had an automatic weapon, which appears he did, clearly he was violating the most basic gun control laws. the guy was evil. the guy, from what i know clearly was violating not just gun control laws, but created unbelievable criminal acts, murder and mayhem. so, it goes to the limits sometimes of legislation. doesn't mean we should look at way to tighten some of those rules more. certainly enforce our laws better. but melissa, clear to me that this guy violated all kinds of laws. melissa: yeah.
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meanwhile the topic that is so important to our audience that now we're not talking about but we'll talk about right now, pushing forward on tax reform. president trump pushing for republican leaders to unify behind the new gop plan. senator, i mean this is essential. it can't get lost in attention rightly focused at these other life and death issues but can attention go back to tax reform as well? >> it has to and in the committees of jurisdiction, including finance committee, tax-writing committee in the senate, we finished through a three-hour hearing. i sat through whole thing. excellent hearing about tax reform. about a dozen we already had. we continue to move forward. so important to bring back jobs an investment overseas, middle-class families get a tax cut. that is helpful for the family budget. critical to come together. hope we get democrat support as well. this is more traditionally bipartisan than health care which failed. melissa: you're preaching to the choir here. we know how essential this is.
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we remind our viewers every single day, give me a little smidge of that hearing? was any new ground covered? was there more agreement, disagreement? give us more insight. >> i encourage watch hearings even though it is c-span -- melissa: no, they have to watch us. stop that. give us a summary. >> no, look, it is what you guys have been talking about. i've been on with you before. it is crazy we have a tax code driving jobs and investment overseas, we sit back and let it happen. we talked about the fact we have highest rate of any industrialized companies and we have a system not to encourage to bring money back because of that high rate. you have two to three trillion dollars locked out overseas. we could bring a bunch of that back to invest in america. this is very exciting because this could unlock a lot of opportunity for americans here. i just hope again we can get beyond the partisanship to talk about what this really means to people we represent. it could be great. melissa: yeah. >> i think the hearing was good
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because it was democrats and republicans alike, agreeing at least on panel experts that our current code is broken. melissa: no, absolutely. we have to stay focused on it. it is not partisan. it is math and it is jobs. senator portman, thanks for being on. >> thanks for having me. david: kevin kelly, recon capital investment and jason rotman, lido isle advisors. we're breaking records, getting close to 23,000 on the dow, that has something to do with hope about taxes, right? >> certainly does because it reinforce as lot of leading economic indicators and as well as business indicators coming out, especially recently. we look at yesterday's pmi. you can see manufacturers are already spending money, instead of 13-year high, without tax reform. they're trying to get ahead of economic stimulus packages
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deployed in 2018. the market is forward-looking indicator saying reform of taxes will get done. david: jason, it's a much hope, everybody is hoping for tax cuts, at least investors are, we do have positive signs. manufacturers index way up despite a couple hurricanes. we had good car sales numbers, great profit numbers. real things are happening. reduction in number of regulations in this country definitely led to an increase in the bottom line? >> yes. to boot, i may add, a homebuilder, number two homebuilder in the country, lennar, just came out and they beat earnings. the auto industry, deregulation, the home building industry is one of the lynchpins of the whole economy, that is going nowhere but up. you have this perfect storm really still developing for for
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bulls to maintain control and go higher. david: kevin, there any dark cloud? we didn't see the financial crisis coming before it happened. is there anything you can see? increase in debt or any possibility that the bottom could fall out from under the market? >> one of the things that could fall out from underneath the market is strength and resiliency of a strong dollar. that would actually impede a lot of market. s&p 500, derives almost half revenues from overseas. that would certainly impact emerging markets and here. it would also be detrimental to the energy sector. people need to focus on the dollar. it has been considerably weak this year. you're down over 10%. another thing that they need to watch is inflation. so if inflation starts to tick up, that means the fed will raise rates higher. david: jason, what happens if we don't get tax cuts? >> well, gosh, we're going to see some profit-taking to say the least. you know i don't really see a huge correction. i think the bigger picture beyond the tax cuts is that the
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global economy is actually stablizing and actually growing. china is doing okay. alibaba is destroying it. argentinian banks are in "beast mode." i think tax cuts are a part of it but the bigger picture things are looking positive. david: kevin, it does appear the president is getting more support. his general approval ratings go up. that tends to vary depending on his tweet of the day but generally speaking he is putting a good show on in terms of going out to the disaster areas, et cetera. that has to help the general impression how stocks are doing. >> it is. it gives cover for a lot of republican lawmakers who need to back him especially in states where they are, they have been attacked. so this is actually really good for him where he is staying on message, when it is coming to promoting his tax plan and going on road tour, focusing on trying to get this budget done and especially when there has been a lot of strife happening with the
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hurricanes and mass shootings. he is staying on message. it is giving cover for the lawmakers to pass his agenda. david: jason norfolks who have cash, who think it might be a little late to get in, what should they spend their money on right now? >> personally i love the whole emerging market cop sent. eem for overall aggregate emerging markets. to be really, really specific, argentina, i do think people should look at argentina. they had a recent political shift towards more capitalism. they are doing phenomenal. david: i want to alert our viewers on the left side of the screen, there is press conference to be held by las vegas police department. they will talk about latest discoveries made in the investigation, primarily, melissa, the motive the shooter. there is so little-known about why he might have done something, as horrific as this. there is some new information coming out that he sent as much as $100,000 to somebody
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overseas. it might be the woman he was going with. we're not sure about that. she apparently is coming back into the country from her travels abroad. she may be in tokyo. we're not sure where or when she will come back. there are still questions she has for investigators. melissa: our viewers would agree, this hasn't followed any usual patterns, when we see something like this in terms of motive, trying to understand what happened ahead of time. obviously devastation is still very raw and there was so many carnage. so distressing and so few clues. in the aftermath of something like this, everyone is asking how to stop it from happening. so few clues first place. it becomes even more of a challenge. we're looking into more incite. following money, certainly one of the things to consider, right, david? david: we bring in mike baker, former cia officer familiar to
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our viewers. there is big question, whether he was a madman, took it out on anyone people or whether there is a little more. isis took responsibility, we can kind of discount that, can we, mike? >> there is no indication to link to international terrorism. you can't rule anything out. there is that possibility. you have to keep it open until evidence shows you otherwise. melissa: right. >> the folks used to not getting answers immediately sometimes when it comes to motivation are law enforcement people, people in the intelligence community. people understand sometimes these investigations have to play out. i think we're all used to as a public, immediate gratification. we get our answers, want it straight away. part of that is way information flows through technology. david: this mystery i think an intelligence officer would be interested in. this guy was a mail carrier. to other people he described himself as accountant, who amassed millions of dollars. was able to buy real estate.
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had a plane, gamble a fortune in money. at one point he stayed in one of the ritzy hotels for four months just to gamble. how did he get all the money this did he have a secret life we don't know all about? >> possibly. investigators haven't released all the information they have. david: wouldn't be you interested? >> certainly. frustrating for us on the outside. we all want to know why. they are going through a process. these investigations follow certain steps. they don't really change from event to event. interviewing everybody, talking to his fee companion, she is a key. whether she is cooperative witness or reluctant to talk we'll find out very quickly. she is integral understanding his motivation. talking to every known associate. talking to everybody that had contact with him over past few months. all of these things have to be done, but they take time. melissa: we'll listen in right
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now as we see them stepping up to the podium. they give us latest out of the massacre in las vegas. let's get in as they get ready to take to the mic hire. here. >> where is ken? there he is. how are you? carlos, we good? we're not going to show any video, okay. all right. good afternoon, everybody. you all are aware who i am. sheriff joe lombardo, clark county. there will be a little bit different orchestration in this press conference compared to the rest. what i'm going to do right now, i think it is important that we address victim issues we're experiencing, and resource issues that we're experiencing. so i'm going to key on that on the original portion of this. and then subsequently commissioner sislack will provide donation information and
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acknowledgement. after that i will come back to the podium and address the overall investigation, where we stand, and where we are going. reference the investigation piece, i don't want to repeat what i experienced yesterday. it is an ongoing investigation. i will be limited in the details that i will provide but hopefully we can get through this with some modicum of decore rahm -- decorum. don't rush me all at once. when we get to the question phase i identify when you raise your hand. sound fair? all right, we'll get through this. so as matter of formality our department worked through the night to identify all the victims of sunday evening's mass shooting at the route 91 harvest festival. we have identified all but three victims. we still have active scene near the grounds at mandalay bay so we ask anyone to stay away until
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further notice. fbi is working diligently to secure that scene. the question is, fbi versus us. we have partnered with the fbi from the very beginning of this, investigative phase. the fbi has brought a large amount of resources out of washington, d.c. to assist us with that. the reason why the harvest festival is still continuation of investigation is not only solely related to the removal of the victims but it is also documentation of the scene. so we're using the best practice technology to insure that we have complete documenttation. that is why it is taking a longer period of time associated with this. so, we asked for everybody's patience. as far as las vegas boulevard north and south we anticipate to be open shortly, in the next few hours to benefit with commerce
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and what we do as a community. the key component here is resources and victim identification. bear with me. i will try to get through this the best i can but the important pieces, if you missed a number, we're putting up on, next hour, listing of all numbers i shall provide you and people in the public lacking this or don't see this broadcast. we're asking for anyone who might have information about the shooting in a criminal capacity or as a victim of the shooting to contact us via 311. if you are out-of-state, if you have left since the shooting and you have discovered you are, you feel that you have become a victim or you realized you have an injury associated to it, we're still asking you to
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contact us but the out-of-state number will be 702-828-3111. additionally, if you are local and you have the ability to respond to a local substation, working police substation, locals that are familiar with, you have the ability to file a report at that location. now the family reunification, all that is occurring at the family resource center at the convention center located at 3150 paradise road. you can go there to file missing person report. you can go there to have contact with the coroner's office and answer questions with regard to family reunification. the phone number, if you have left the area is 1-866-535-5654.
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now we went through a little short process here recently where that number was down. we provided a separate number but we will go back to that original number because we have the technical aspects of that fixed. i want to be very career on the difference. if you are reporting a crime or you feel you are a victim of a crime, 311 is your outlet, or the local police substation. if you are looking for victim information or family reunification, the family resource center on paradise road is your point of contact. now personal property, we're getting several questions throughout yesterday and continuing today on people attempting to recover their personal property from the route 91 scene. we are working out details of that. we're in the planning phase of that. we will have an answer for that in the next couple of hours.
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so will provide an answer to that probably before we have another press conference. we're working diligently for individuals that left personal property at the scene back to them as soon as possible. i anticipate it will not take place at the route 91 location but i do not want to give you furtherance of clarification at this point. so you will be provided that. 9 other issue is donations. as you can imagine in any critical incident the outpouring of support from private citizens, corporations, and everybody else associated with concern for the victims is overwhelming. we appreciate that. but it become as point where we -- it comes a point we can't manage it. the red cross is able to manage it. we're unable to manage at
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substations. if it is hard goods or water or canned goods, stuff that is not, will not become perishable, three square and catholic charities is accepting those donations. we're asking you to provide that information to your listening public and to accept donations at that point. so, areas of -- let me give you addresses for those. catholic charities is obviously at 1501 las vegas boulevard north. three squares located at 4190 north pecos road. at this point i acquiesce to commissioner sislack. he will give you an update on the donation phase of this as far as victim satisfaction and then i will return. we will conduct a q&a associated with the investigation.
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commissioner? >> thank you, sheriff. we appreciate you hook here for giving an update. we have passed 53,000 individual donations. in excess of $3.7 million as we speak. we need a lot more resources. we'll need a lot more money. individuals will need future surgeries and help and so forth moving forward. i want to acknowledge a few special individuals not included in $3.7 million. last night the a private citizen called sheriff and i, and contributed $500,000 to the fund. that is not included in the total this morning. wayne and keith lien newton and they have donated $100,000. that is not included in the total. for those who want to contribute, do ever don't want it on gofundme, make a check to las vegas victims fund, mail it to the county office, my office, the sheriff's office. i got off the phone with jim
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from mgm international and the sheriff and i both spoke to jim. obviously they stepped up in enormous manner with this community and everything they continue to do, on behalf of mgm and over their 50,000 employees, they contributed $3 million to this fund. we appreciate everyone's support. donations from $5 to now $3 million. there is a lot of need. we'll do everything we possibly can to raise money for each of these individuals. we appreciate you continuing to encourage folks, viewers and readers to support the campaign. it is las vegas victims either on gofundme or you can make a check to las vegas victims fund. thank you very much. >> provide them a timeline on possible dispensation? >> we're working with idea of possible distribution. we've already got inquiries. i think it will be a few days before we coordinate how we will distribute money. right now we're not looking at minor property losses some
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people called on regarding, backpacks and shoes and phones. we're looking for major expenses as it relates to surgery, medical expenses, funeral expenses, transportation, so forth. we should have more details with you. we're working through the county office and sheriff's office to develop something in the immediate future in terms where people can go, who they can call, distribute money to the people most desperate. thank you very much. >> just a quick synopsis or current status of the investigation, i won't reiterate what we discussed yesterday in previous press conferences. we completed the investigation at the reno property. i'm sure the question will be presented, what was recovered there. so numerous electronic items. additionally five handguns and two shotguns and a plethora of ammunition. so, we have served search
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warrants at three separate locations. that would be the room at mandalay bay, the mesquite location and the reno location. additionally we serve ad search warrant on the suspect's vehicle located at the mandalay bay. so i'm happy to answer any questions. yes, sir? >> could you be specific about the modifications to the weapons made them automatic. what were the conversions we're talking about here? >> the question was what were the modifications associated with the weaponry. atf is participating in that valuation. i can't give you an answer on whether any of them are automatic or not but we are aware of a device called a bump stock. and that enables an individual to speed up the discharge of ammunition. i don't want to give you anymore details than that but in partner with the fbi, the atf, they are sending those weapons back east
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to the fbi crime lab for further evaluation. >> let's be clear you found that -- >> yes. yes. absolutely. >> yes, sir? >> marilou danley, has she given information about his movement and can you tell us what that information is? >> no, we don't have the information is but i assure you investigation with her is ongoing. we anticipate some information from her shortly. yes, ma'am? >> reporter: information in regards to $100,000 -- [inaudible]. can you tell us about that? >> no, ma'am, i do not. here you go. let me back up a little bit. there is a lot of information i do know, okay? but it is an ongoing investigation and, when i say i do not know, i may know. [laughter]. but, as you can imagine, in criminal investigation we want to insure the continued safety of our community and then all
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those questions are answered. and we, i assure you this investigation is not ended with the demise of mr. paddock. >> reporter: sheriff? >> yes. >> reporter: could you give us an update if there is an update on victims and injuries? also is there anything new that, question we've been all wondering about, are you making any progress, whether you're able to give us specifics or not, are you making any progress on determining a motive? >> no. i will answer your last question first, no. we are making progress but i don't have complete answers yet. so i anticipate sub stacks amount of information to come in next 48 hours. hold on a minute. let me finish rest of this. as far as injuries, goes across the board. coroner commented on that yesterday. trample injuries. people trying to escape of their own device.
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we have gunshot wounds. if you look at total type of injuries in people that died, it goes across the board. i can't give you a percentage associated with gunshot or versus other type of injuries. >> reporter: [inaudible] are those the same or or? >> we believe the injury number decreased slightly, maybe 20. because we had a double count error occurring at one of the hospitals. but we're looking close, still in close proximity of number i provided to you. >> reporter: [inaudible] >> i can't tell you her current whereabouts right now. all i know is the philippines, and we, we are in conversation. is she a suspect? >> currently she is a person of interest. >> reporter: who is that? >> the girlfriend.
4:34 pm
yes, yes, ma'am. >> reporter: are there photos show the hotel room after the s.w.a.t. team enter and shows gun and ammunition inside? many outlets are asking to verify legitimacy of those photos and should any other outlets disseminate those? >> i can't verify they're legitimate or not. i can tell you we're troubled by it. we have a investigation to determine how the photographs were obtained by the public. >> reporter: can you tell us what was found inside of the hotel room that the gun used specifically? specifically cbs news is reporting there was a camera inside that room. was the gunman recording? was the gunman transmitting that video anywhere else? >> i'm not aware of any transmission but there was cameras. there was cameras located outside of the room and inside of the room, along with the firearms. >> reporter: he had set up how
4:35 pm
many cameras? >> i don't know what the specific number is. >> reporter: what you do think? >> i anticipate he was looking for anybody coming to take him into custody so. >> reporter: so essentially you have a recording of him carrying out this carnage? >> no, that is not essentially what i'm saying. that is being evaluated. the fbi took all digital and electronic evidence into custody. and we are evaluating. yes, sir? >> reporter: do we know if this man was targeting this particular event or did he have in mind perhaps another music event that would be coming up in the las vegas area as a possible target? do you have any evidence -- >> no, we haven't developed that yet. i will provide you that information at a later date. >> reporter: follow on that, there was a report he may have been targeting the life is beautiful concert week before. >> we're unable to confirm. that we're unable to confirm. >> reporter: sheriff, a question about [inaudible]
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when the shots were reported and -- [inaudible] >> what is clarity? what is the clarity of your seeking? >> reporter: what time his shots rang out and -- [inaudible] >> we received a call at 10:08 p.m. the best of our estimates and video review he continued to fire at a progressive, successive rate for approximately nine minutes. as you can see by any video you see in the public space it was hard to determine where they were coming from. once it was determined it was coming from mandalay bay, you can imagine it would be hard to pinpoint the room. officers teamed up, moved over to mandalay bay in order to locate and engauge.
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that was in conjunction with the mandalay bay security. this is opportunity for me to tell you something. the mandalay bay security was fantastic. i don't want anybody assuming that they are unsafe we, you know, staying at one of our hotels. we would not have engaged this individual in the time lapse that we did without their assistance. we received information via their dispatch center and or their operations center, their call center from individuals within staying within mandalay bay, that helped us locate where this individual was sequestered. hold on, i want to finish her question, all right? so subsequently that takes time. as you can imagine, moving from the location of the event, deciding whether you're going to help victims evacuate or you're going to decide whether you're going to take charge, put an element together to go engage
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this individual. we have a lot of by fourcation of responsibilities associated, especially a dynamic event. i want to say kudos to those officers that got together, said, this is what we trained for, active shooter, we're putting an element together, let's engage the individual and locate him and that's what we did. when the security officer was engaged by the suspect, we backed off from immediate apprehension, s.w.a.t. team formed and made entry. >> reporter: [inaudible] >> i don't have the time for you. >> reporter: how concerned about your officers facing weapons like these? >> absolutely concerned. the world has changed, you know, who would have ever imagined this situation? i couldn't imagine it. for this individual to take it upon himself to create this chaos and harm is unspeakable. and, you know, we have to try to spitball or what if these situations at all points when we train, and insure that we have
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proper response and i think we did a fantastic job. >> reporter: mandalay bay security identified the room before schwartz arrived? >> no. well, yeah, before swat arrived but not before my officers arrived. they were married or hand-to-hand with my officers when we made entry over to the hotel. it was a mater, if you recall yesterday, i said between floor 29 and 32. during that process of evaluating the floors, we received additional information where he was located, and they immediately responded. >> reporter: what time did you ask [inaudible] >> i don't have the number for you. >> reporter: the time between the s.w.a.t. team came in and he stopped shooting? >> that is for us to evaluate during the investigation. >> reporter: [inaudible]. >> no they were threw --
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throughout the venue and victims met their demise outside of the venue. individuals were shot panned run away, and they passed away several blocks from the venue. we also had very heroic acts of people attending the event. we have numerous videos depicting people attending, normal citizens, providing medical aid and transportation for victims to get to the hospital. >> reporter: sheriff? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: going back to the cameras that were set up in the room, sorry if i'm interpreting this wrongly, sounds like he set those cameras up to get warning of prepare of police officers. if in your mind that indeed was the case, i don't know that you want to get in the mind after madman as you put it, how would you judge his preparation to do this? >> i don't even need that bit of
4:41 pm
information to make a judgment. this individual was premeditated. the obviously premeditated. the fact that he had the type of weaponry, amount of weaponry in the room, it was preplanned extensively i'm sure he evaluated everything he did in his actions. that is troublesome -- i was hoping, i pray in these situations, that a citizen, because we can't be in all the places at these times, that they see something, say something. often times, citizen says they think in our line of work i think it is trivial, i doesn't want to bother the police. we ask you to bother the police. housekeeping type individuals, cab drivers, anybody in in the public space that can assist us we ask -- >> reporter: any none -- >> back there, ricardo. >> reporter: did police or security guards fire any shots
4:42 pm
during the encounter? >> while he discharged his weapons we're not aware of that. no security guard or police other than the encounter in the room. >> reporter: would you expand what went right, not exactly this scenario, but can you expand what went right? >> i'm glad you asked that, ricardo. obviously people have the assumption that things went wrong in this type of carnage, but what went right we saved hundreds of lives. in the event, the guy with the ability of those weaponry, on the carnage that could occur outside of what did occur, a lot more was prevented because of our police action in short time, security action in short time to save lives. >> reporter: with all of this in the room, cameras, guns, everything else, yesterday you said motel staff was inside the room during the stay.
4:43 pm
did he ask housekeeping stay away during this? >> all i know room service was provided. >> reporter: i want to clarify, do you believe you will find the motive for this crime? >> i absolutely believe that. >> reporter: sheriff -- girlfriend, do you know where she is? >> yes i do. >> reporter: why is the fbi not trying to bring her back immediately? >> how do you know that is not occurring. >> reporter: i'm asking if that is happening? >> yes, that is occurring. yes, ma'am. >> reporter: investigating nonstop for last several days, how are you and your investigators doing? >> i'm so glad you asked that. no, i am. i'm not being sarcastic. we're doing good. i'm actually very proud of our people. i mean this guy here is the local sac, aaron rouse, in charge of the fbi. it is important, greg castle talked about this yesterday, chief of the clark county fire department. i'm telling you right now, this jurisdiction has the best partnerships i believe in the
4:44 pm
united states as far as public safety. we would not be able to accomplish what we did as you described in the last 48 hours without that partnership. the fbi stepping to the plate, to help us with evidence documentation, prosecution. the fire department, here -- he didn't do a good job describing it yesterday, greg. the fire department in our jurisdiction marries with a police officer during a critical incident. i beg you to find such a robust type operation in the rest of the united states. quite often what you observe in the public space is the fire department will wait until it is secured by public safety before aid is rendered. our primary mission is aid, and safety of the public. they took it upon themselves to train with us, to marry with us, and to go into the fray to assist the victims. if you look at video you quite often see individual with
4:45 pm
helmets on and vests on. those are firefighters standing next to us. it is very important for to you ask that question. it is very important for me to convey the answer but the next 48 hours we'll be able to tell. we've gone into incident management mode. in other words, people need sleep and nourished. we don't want to make mistakes in the investigation. >> reporter: do you have any indication what the suspect was doing the day this happened or, gambling, eating? >> we do have some information. i'm not at liberty to say at this point. there is the guy i was just talking about. make sure you get him on camera. all right. yes, ma'am? >> reporter: have you had communication with the -- [inaudible], whereabouts of miss danley? >> yes we have. >> reporter: sheriff, couple questions -- >> before we get too long into,
4:46 pm
contracted in this press interview, i answer your questions, ken. i will ask a couple additional more. i want acknowledgement of people standing behind me. it is our congressional delegation and our other public safety officials, and it is very hard for them to conduct federal government and local government while they're standing behind me. i think it is important for you to realize their community support and they want to be there amongst everything else they do to insure that people understand, we're bringing all resources associated with this to bear in order to for to meet success. go ahead, ken. >> reporter: first one button up the camera question. there is a report that had a camera on a service cart in the hallway and that the security guard was -- >> tell you what, i wish i had some of you on my investigative team because amazing, amazing some of the information you come up with. i will confirm it. yes, one was on a service cart.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: this is one i wanted to get to. you talked about motive. you talked about premeditation. you want to learn what, why he did what he did. videos, can you tell us number of interviews you will have to do to do that? you talked about reviewing cameras, videos, computers. who did he last talk to? >> i will give you a global answer on that. yes to everything that you said. yes, we're evaluating all that. i can't give you -- because number is changing, it is fluid, ken, on number of videos we're evaluating. just on body camera videos we had over 67 videos we evaluated. you had a lot more officers at the event, sheriff. only had 67? no not all officers assigned cameras, because they are special operations or plain clothes, but when they take on
4:48 pm
special events we don't require body cameras. we have 90% of that done. we have all the common public space cameras that weir evaluating. i can't remember the rest of your yes, i'm sorry. >> reporter: talking about the computers and his cameras. >> so a lot of this, you're probably saying, sheriff, it is set set of, how long -- 2017, how come it takes so long to evaluate that? it is evidentiary issues because we have dot the i and cross the t. there are criminal attorneys and there is this thing called the constitution. we to insure we abide by that. i don't know if we have future prosecution. you heard me say we have suspect into custody, but something more may come of that investigation, and i want to understand the motivation that you described, okay, to prevent any future
4:49 pm
incidents. you know, this person get radicalized unbeknownst to us, we want to identify that source. >> reporter: who did mr. paddock last speak. >> hold on. i will answer the present question. >> reporter: does that support include gun control? >> that is a long protracted discussion not for this forum. >> reporter: the president will visit tomorrow. any security measurements and if you can, tell what the president's plan while he visits las vegas, how long he will be here for? i also know that been reported that will meet with local sheriff. i assume that is you. >> i'm the only one. >> reporter: mayor and governor. would you please give us -- >> you're correct who he is visiting. it is a matter of secrecy and o
4:50 pm
ptech, operation security i can't give us his travel plans. that will be obviously provided in close proximity of his arrival. >> reporter: any information if he will visit the hospital or -- >> ma'am, i can't answer that question because of operational security but as you very well know, you have the resources to determine that upon his arrival. i can't speak to what his agenda is. what i can tell you on part of your question, what is normal protocol whether the sheriff, not the sheriff, the president, the president or the vice president ever, or anybody of dignitary space of that equality we insure of their safety by joining forces basically. it takes a great deal of resources to insure the safety of the president and we will provide that because of our public cooperation through nhp, north las vegas, henderson, bold
4:51 pm
boulder, the important piece the president is visiting. route 91 investigation, if you recall i'm the police department. we have over 3.3 million calls a year that we deal with. with we have to continue with our investigations, our response and normal police business in order to be successful. so, i ask your cooperation and don't get frustrated if i don't have a press conference every five minutes because i have a job to do. my folks have a job to do. so i want to thank everybody for attending today and hopefully, hopefully as a result of your attendance and your broadcasts this investigation will be not as long as i want it to be. >> reporter: sheriff, you've been very transparent as far as metro -- >> can you say it again? can you say it again, please? say it again, rachel. >> reporter: as a local reporter you have been very transparent
4:52 pm
about metro de-escalation tactics. in the mass shooting there was talk of a time of very delayed police response trying to decide when to make entry. can you talk about the decision of entry into paddock's hotel room? >> i will not disparage another police department's response. we learn on everything we do and everything we do on a critical incident is based upon self-evaluation. as a result of what occurred in columbine, what occurred in sacramento, what occurred in boston, what occurred at the pulse nightclub, police response has changed. by the fact that the fire department is standing with us is monumental, okay? so, we have found it is better, instead of securing a perimeter, and hoping the person doesn't continue to do acts of carnage associated with their actions, that even a small police
4:53 pm
response will stop this suspect's actions. so what, to answer your question, reference mandalay bay, that training, we were listening, we were paying attention. officers on their own, without direction of a supervisor knew what they had to do. they came together, formed a team, made a response, and they didn't wait on s.w.a.t., okay? we have to start. easy to say wait on s.w.a.t. they're experts in tactical intrusion. our officers took it upon themselves to attack. >> reporter: [inaudible] >> no. patrol officers evaluated floor by floor of space between 29 and 32. where the suspect was, they form ad security. they evacuated rooms. and they form ad perimeter at the suspect's location. by unfortunate, unfortunate acts of the suspect the security
4:54 pm
guard was engaged during that process. >> reporter: was security guard accompanied with officers or was the security guard alone? >> he was acting independently. he got separated from our team. >> reporter: real fast, yesterday we -- girlfriend is in the philippines you confirmed that location? >> i'm comfortable saying she is located in the philippines. you know what? just is so you know i'm not giving you bad info. >> reporter: not implying it was bad. >> she was traveling. so subsequently we have determined her location. okay. i'm sorry. i know, you have to give me some deference. i am currently done answering questions. okay? so i wantit thank you. carlo, any idea on next conference time? >> i would say 5:00. >> hold on. that is not gospel.
4:55 pm
she hasn't talked to me yet. i put her on the spot. i put her on the spot but we'll anticipate 5:00. thank you. >> thank you, sir. melissa: that was sheriff joe lombardo. we learned a number of interesting things. 53,000 donations right now totaling $3.7 million. the shooting went on for nine minutes. a lot of talk about that. cameras mounted both inside and outside by the shooter. david. david: let's bring back former cia operative mike baker with us. a lot of details to go over. takedown, 10:08 local time is when shooting began. it went on nine minutes before they were apparently to pinpoint exactly where it was coming from, knock on the door, somehow that confrontation ended up with the shooter's death. nine minutes despeed all the carnage that was done in those nine minutes seems relatively quick, am i wrong? >> no, you're absolutely right. when these things kick off, it
4:56 pm
is complete chaos as a lot of video people have been watching shows. and so, you have to count on the trained individuals to respond the way they're supposed to respond and they did. so in very short order, they identified and began working with, as the sheriff had pointed out with the casino security, with hotel security. then eventually got to point where they engage, identify, engage with the shooter. shooter took himself out. but getting up to that hotel room was critical because the amount of ammunition, the fact that the shooter had planned this paddock, planned this, picked his time, location and target, basically had kill zone mapped out. imagine the extent of carnage. david: officers acting on own initiative, rather than getting together, that would have taken time. the time during which people are being slaughtered you don't have that time to organize.
4:57 pm
you have to go in, take your own initiative, right. >> that is very important point. what sheriff lombardo there in las vegas did very well, he explained, i think to the public exactly how complex, how difficult investigations can be but also he talked about tactics, evolving tactics of engaging an active shooter. that has changed over the years as he implied. so the idea don't spined overthinking it. engage with resources. really to their credit. david: mike, quickly on motive. he said we absolutely belief we'll find motive. he was asked whether this person could be radicalized. they're leaving that open. what do you think of that? will they find a motive? is it conceivable there was some radicalization of the man? >> it is conceivable. he is doing what you have to do in investigation. leaving everything on the table
4:58 pm
until the evidence shows you otherwise. the fact bureau is in the philippines, using embassy in manila, she will be critical in this investigation, laying out, identifying what was on paddock's mind at time. melissa: a lot is made that the shooter's father was a bank robber, had violent history. was on fbi most-wanted list. as an investigator would you consider that key element or is that bizarre coincidence? >> it is an element. it goes in the bag of everything else. you have to build investigations. you have to build your understanding on facts. so, yes, you put it in there. you take that into consideration, again until what you gather either refutes it or confirms it and then you move forward. melissa: then also at idea, the one reporter asked if there were cameras inside and out. do you know if the cameras were transmitting somewhere?
4:59 pm
you would think cameras out in the hallway were to tell him someone was coming, but cameras inside they raised that question was it being recorded and then transmitted to somewhere else, is that meaningful to you? >> well, it is meaningful in sense it shows now, you know, camera systems are available at any electronic shop or amazon or wherever you want to get them, and they're very simple, and you don't need a lot of technical know how. but my guess is that the sheriff is correct. he was using those cameras to identify whenning the police rocked up on his sight. >> i don't want to broil you in a gun control debate, but the fact is that this guy had no record that would qualify him for any state buying a gun. >> well, that is a mind field i shouldn't step into because as a gun owner, i'm a very strong second amendment supporter. i understand the other side. i understand the desire to launch into a debate over gun
5:00 pm
control and reason people can have those discussions. david: mike, we appreciate having you go automobile very important day. thank you very much. melissa: there's another news conference coming up. not exactly sure when but risk and reward starts right now. [bell ringing] >> running and there's a body and another body and another body. >> all of a sudden, the s.w.a.t. guys because it in with big machine guns and started yelling at us get down, get down. >> a crazed lunatic full of hate. >> it was an act of pure evil. >> we're angry, grieving, confused. people are hurting. cowardly, despicable act. >> such a tragedy to lose human life like this. these are the people who


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